Montessori-Orff Music Level 1

This foundational workshop covers steady beat, rhythm derived from natural speech patterns, and gestures/body percussion with their transfer to non-pitched percussion instruments. Movement in personal and general space, vocal exploration and melody, singing games and dramatic play expand the creative process and establish basic music and movement skills in a joyful way. Topics of classroom management and pedagogical principles are discussed. Throughout the day, all activities are reviewed in the Level 1 Lesson Manual that every participant will receive.

Montessori-Orff Music Level 2

The second level builds on multi-sensory skills applied and practiced in the classroom. Rhythm, movement, and singing are further explored through playful echo-imitation and question & answer games. Together with the introduction of pitched percussion instruments, guided improvisation leads to composition in all of the child’s media for musical expression. Imaginative extensions prepare the path toward musical form, music notation and reading, music theory, and curriculum integrations. An additional set of handouts is integrated into the Level 1 Lesson Manual.

Montessori-Orff Music Level 3

This workshop continues the pathway toward more abstract music concepts:  rhythmic activities lead to scoring body percussion, writing in “odd” time signatures, and analyzing meters of ancient Greek and world poetry; movement choices are articulated in context with mood, speed, force, character; historical period and folks dances connect with time and other cultures; classroom work with the Montessori bells/tone bars expands the Western European music system toward old and new universal music traditions. Recorder playing, composer stories, and music history or genres, are introduced by request and complete the Montessori-Orff Music manual.

Tuition and Fees

As of June 2020


Whole School In-service: Tuition for this on-site staff training is $1,050.00 per workshop level and covers up to 8 staff members, with $150.00 for each additional participant. A non-refundable deposit of $300.00 is due upon returning a signed MoU. An invoice will be sent for the remaining balance. Payments can be made via PayPal or check.


Open Registration: Tuition for individual participation is $180.00 per person/per workshop. Please choose one of the Upcoming Workshops and register online.


LOYOLA UNIVERSITY MARYLAND partners with Montessori-Orff Music to offer Continued Education Units for participation in the workshops.


Tuition and Fees cover the 8-hour training session, a 100-page lesson manual, and, if applicable, the administration fee for a certificate of Continued Education Units (7.5 CEUs per workshop level) from Loyola University Maryland. 

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