Montessori-Orff Music

Sing, Say, Dance and Play ... in our classroom!



Montessori-Orff Music is a comprehensive curriculum that conveys musical concepts through speech, movement, singing, and play. Building on primal musical instincts, this elemental style of music is earthbound, joyful, and accessible to all, regardless of one’s musical background and skills.



The 3-level curriculum is offered in three separate all-day workshops. They can be scheduled as Whole School In-Service for on-site staff training. Registration is also available to individual participants for workshops in various Montessori communities. The training is designed to develop skills and musicianship of the adult learner and provide teaching strategies for implementation in the Montessori classroom.



If you would like to register for a workshop individually at one of the upcoming sites/dates or arrange for an on-site Whole School In-Service, please click below for registration forms and payment information.  For questions, please contact:        Inga Sieminski at


Inga Sieminski

International workshops and a Lesson Manual emerged from Inga’s 30-year experience of integrating Orff’s elemental music and movement in all her learning communities. She credits these fun-filled activities for the transforming impact on individual children and classrooms. Holding the 3-level certification in Orff pedagogy in addition to Montessori primary and elementary diplomas, Inga was Arts Integration Coordinator in under-served school districts in the Washington DC area, served as Guide and Director of Education in Montessori schools, and trained and side-coached teachers in adaptive lesson planning. Her workshops and manual, Montessori and Orff’s Elemental Music: Pathways to Universal Musicianship, are designed to make this music approach accessible to all Montessori teachers.



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