Montessori-Orff Music

Sing, Say, Dance and Play ... in our classroom!



Children grasp concepts of elemental music and movement the same way they learn to speak their native language or learn how to walk. Emerging from primal musical instincts, rhythm derives from natural speech patterns, playful walking modulations lead to creative movement, and singing starts with the two-tone childhood call. The process of actively making music complements the developmental principles of Montessori pedagogy. Multi-sensory explorations stimulate independent growth, support emotional-social interaction, and form a truly “holistic” cognition. As part of the child’s daily work, the universal foundations of elemental music have the potential of building culturally responsive learning environments.



Level 1 training develops fundamental skills of rhythm, movement, and singing. Playful activities model how to integrate multiple modalities with classroom topics and other cultures or languages. Management, lesson planning, and social-emotional support are introduced from an original lesson manual. 

Level 2 builds on regularly integrated classroom practice and introduces more complex elements: multi-layered ostinato, guided improvisation, independent group work, and the Laban movement vocabulary. The goal is to make clearly articulated artistic choices for alternative presentations of concepts in science, literature, visual arts, and other Montessori learning subjects.


Training is offered in two formats: Whole School In-Service for professional staff development and Open Enrollment. To schedule professional development at a specific site, please contact Inga Sieminski in the contact box below. Registration for Open Enrollment workshops are listed HERE, when they are offered to the general public in a wider community.


Training can be scheduled as an all-day course or in two 4-hour sessions. Level 1 is also available online (synchronous) in two half-day modules. For questions, please contact  Inga Sieminski.

Inga Sieminski

               International courses and workshops emerged from Inga’s 35-year experience of integrating Orff’s elemental music and movement in all her classrooms. She credits this primal approach to social-emotional learning for the transforming impact on adults and children. Her training courses and 230-page lesson manual, Montessori and Orff’s Elemental Music: Pathways to Universal Musicianship, are designed to make this program accessible to her Montessori colleagues.

                Holding the 3-level certification in Orff pedagogy, in addition to Montessori primary and elementary diplomas, Inga founded a land-based primary Montessori program in Maryland and later served as elementary Guide and Director of Education in Montessori schools in the DC metro area. As Arts Integration Coordinator for DC Public Schools, she collaborated with under-served school communities to train and side-coach staff in adaptive lesson planning. Her volunteer service at organizations in support of pre-school through high school education includes National Society of Arts and Letters, The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Virginia Montessori Association, and Washington Montessori Institute.


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