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Montessori Orff Music presents an elemental approach to music that is accessible to all. It models universal learning strategies as a total expression of music, by uniting movement, speech, rhythm, stories, poems, dramatic play, dance, and singing.


Building on natural childlike skills, active music making celebrates imagination, playfulness, and experimentation. The multisensory entry points of elemental music and movement engage learners of various abilities, adapt to other cultures and languages, and develop an embodied understanding of abstract concepts.



The program is designed to enjoy elemental music and movement in short classroom sessions. Content connects with daily topics, integrates Montessori concepts, and responds to the group’s social and emotional needs. Exploring elemental music in one’s home culture and worldwide traditions is encouraged.

Cover of Program Guide showing Inga Sieminski engaging with Montessori students


Training workshops are offered in two formats: Whole School In-Service for professional staff development and Open Enrollment.

To schedule Whole School professional development at a specific site, please use the contract form at the bottom of the page or click here

To register for an Open Enrollment workshop, click the Enroll Now button below to view and register for upcoming courses.

Inga Sieminski

Inga’s 30-year Montessori journey includes a farm-based primary 3-6 program, elementary 6-12 classrooms, and administrative positions in the Washington DC metro area. She holds two Montessori diplomas, an M.Ed. from Loyola University Maryland, a Master’s degree in Arts Administration from American University, and post-master’s certificate in Curriculum and Instruction from University of Maryland. As Coordinator for DC public schools, she was part of an innovative program that addressed the need for differentiated and multicultural learning through an arts integrated curriculum.


Adding child-centered music and movement daily in her Montessori classrooms emerged naturally from Inga’s 3-level certification in Orff-Schulwerk-Music for Children from George Mason University and research in Orff Music Therapy. She has written a 230-page lesson manual as part of her international training workshops and has introduced the complementary pedagogies at AMI/USA Experience, AMI International Montessori Congress, Serendi Montessori Ghana, and Montessori Europe Congress. Inga serves on the Executive Board of Washington Montessori Institute (WMI).




To schedule Whole School professional development kindly review the calendar for my availability and suggest a few dates of your own. Also include your proposed location for the training. I look forward to receiving your message!

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