What is Montessori-Orff Music?


Orff pedagogy joins Montessori’s consideration for each child’s specific needs through a multi-sensory approach: visual, auditory, tactile, bodily/kinesthetic, and vestibular. Children choose from various forms of musical expression through interactive modeling, guided exploration, and improvisation. Their active music-making opens many possibilities for interaction with each other and elicits social adjustments in a playful manner. While the doors for boundless imagination and experimentation are wide open, the framework of musical rules sets natural boundaries and provides stability. In its primal approach, elemental music is also universal. It is a basis from which to explore musical traditions in one’s own culture.


  • Confidence and best practices for exploring rhythm, movement, singing, percussion instruments, dramatic play and games;

  • A Lesson Manual, Montessori and Orff’s Elemental Music: Pathways to Universal Musicianship;

  • Short, incremental lessons, formatted like Montessori albums, for implementation during regular work periods;

  • Additional observation tools for assessing children’s potential/capacity or challenges revealed in their multi-sensory activities;

  • A methodology that facilitates concentration and normalization in the classroom.


“This built my confidence with the bells … the simple step-by-step build-up of skills ... it felt very

  doable. (Wisconsin, US)

“This can be done by all children – and me! … It seems like fun and will also help with phonemic and

  body awareness … Thank you for bringing structure, sequence, and humor to the process. (Australia)

“Using the body as an instrument … no need to buy expensive instruments… Thank you for this

  wonderful gift! (Nevada, US)

“I can see how this would help children who struggle with language. (Illinois, US)

“… great observational tool for teachers … Thank you! This has awakened my love of music, and I’m very

  excited to bring this to my children. (Kentucky)

“I am so amazed by the Lesson Manual…Looking forward to the workshop. (Vienna, Austria)

“Thank you for demonstrating this simple, effective, and accessible approach. (Vermont, US)

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