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Implementation - Integration - Intercultural Connections

This active workshop builds on skills and strategies from Level 1 training and reviews the learning process from repetition to improvisation and composition. The elements of music and movement - rhythmic speech, body percussion, dance, singing, instrumental, and dramatic play - offer multiple modalities for expressing Montessori classroom subjects. Grounded in principles that are adaptable to all age groups and various abilities, we will:

  • learn from shared video clips how to nurture an embodied cognition in every child - and adult;

  • bring to light content and concepts in literature, science, math, and visual art;

  • engage with our guest speakers about their practice in various cultures.


Four 2-hour live virtual sessions

Saturdays, April 27, May 4, 11, and 18, 10-12:00 EST

Handouts from the Level 2 lesson manual

Tuition $135.00.



Sessions are not recorded to protect the privacy of shared video clips.


Speaker Bios

Screenshot 2024-03-21 at 9.37.59 AM.png

Han Fang Lim is the Founder of Tong Le Montessori School, offering a Chinese immersion program for the Baltimore, MD communities. She is fluent in English, Chinese-Mandarin, and Malay. Han Fang earned her AMI Primary Diploma from Washington Montessori Institute (WMI), with a M.Ed. from Loyola University Maryland. She received her Assistance-to-Infancy Diploma from Montessori Institute San Diego. In 2019, she attended Inga’s Elemental Music and Movement workshop in Arlington, VA and began to transfer the “elemental” to her school’s multicultural environment. She recently completed Level 1 of Orff Schulwerk at George Mason University, VA.

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Zani Dalili-Ortique is a Founding Teacher of the first Wildflower Public Charter School in Washington, DC. In this intentionally small, teacher-led school, embedded in a part of the city rich in Black history and culture, she aspires to engage all children and families in a high quality education. Zani holds an AMI Elementary Diploma from Washington Montessori Institute (WMI) and a M. Ed. from Loyola University Maryland. She did her practice teaching in Inga’s music- integrated elementary classroom and later assisted her with the international editing process of the lesson manual. She also experienced the first two-level Elemental Music workshop at the 2022 AMI/USA Refresher in Florida.

Doug Goodkin is an internationally recognized teacher of Orff Schulwerk, a dynamic humanistic approach to music education, training teachers in over 50 countries worldwide. Before his recent retirement, he had worked for 45 years with children in the Montessori primary environment (3-6) and regular first to eighth grades at The San Francisco School. Doug is the author of ten books and the co-founder and instructor of Orff Afrique in Ghana. He is the subject of a documentary film titled The Secret Song, now streaming on PBS. At the 2022 AMI/USA Refresher, he contributed a talk on “Jazz and Social Justice” and joined Inga in her workshop to make Jazz accessible to participants.

Svetlana Chashnikova is the Founder of Grata Montessori School in Moscow, Russia. Since 2009, the school has grown to serving families and their children from birth to age 12. Svetlana earned her AMI Assistance-to-Infancy Diploma from Patricia Wallner and her Elementary Diploma from Greg MacDonald at MISD, CA. While aspiring to perfect the work in adherence with Montessori principles, the school community remains open to new opportunities. Integrating Inga’s course in elemental music during the pandemic answered questions and concerns. Online follow-up continues to add depth to Montessori content and supports learning objectives on all levels, Toddler, Casa dei Bambini, and Elementary.

Information about the Orff-Afrique master class 2025 in Ghana will be shared when dates and registration are announced.

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